Here’s a quick look at what a handful of my customers and other folks are saying about the guides.

Great guide! Used it extensively when we last visited. Hope to get back soon. Scotland is a special part of the world - and not just for golf.
— Allen H.
The Ireland Golf Adventure Guide is so well organized it has made it possible for me to turn a dream of an Ireland golf vacation with my son into a reality. Lots of practical tips and valuable evaluations of travel strategy, courses and accommodations. Thanks for an excellent resource.
— Patrick M.
I can't think of anything missing from the guide. I also bought four books on Scotland Golf Travel and find myself using your guide the most. Concise yet detailed, it gives me all I need to plan my trip.
— Mark G.
My wife and I just got back from Ireland after playing 12 rounds of golf and staying at about 6 places you recommended in your guide. I booked the entire trip using your information by email and phone. All turned out well and we had great experiences.
— Ted M.
Your guides are wonderful! I’ve used them in both Ireland and Scotland, and am very pleased with the practical info and guidance!
— Gabe K.
I was able to put together hotels and courses and I never felt we were misled. Thanks. I really think your guide was the best value of our trip.
— Karen W.
What I found especially helpful was...telephone numbers, brief description, ratings – all info provided was very useful, especially liked the map with the driving time between courses. We traveled to Scotland last Sept and I was happy to have purchased the guide. Great job — you do first class work!
— Virginia H.
Love your guide! I have used them extensively in planning two trips to Ireland and I’m just starting to plan our first Scotland trip now. In 2004, your website convinced me to plan our own trip instead of using a golf tour company. I would never have taken that on without your guide. When I look back at the trip we were about to commit to I shake my head. Compared to what we ended up doing on our own, the tour company’s proposal was more expensive playing less golf at lesser courses. And worst of all, we would have spent many more hours on a bus instead of in the pubs!
— Raymond H.
I just completed arranging my next trip to Ireland using your guide and the internet. I believe my savings will cover airfare and a new set of irons. I have made many trips to Ireland and with your guide I set up a 10-day trip, that tour operators quoted $3000-$3200 per person, for less than $2000 per person.
— Ken W.
My brother and I traveled to Scotland in August 2005. I used your guide and it was invaluable. EVERYTHING was there to plan a complete trip and we had a great time. And you are correct, sir....I don’t give a damn how far it is from point A to B but your driving time map was a real treat. We will be going back to Scotland and your guide will help us get there.
— Steve S.
I wanted to compliment you on the design of the guide. I work with a lot of graphic designers, and I must say you have done an outstanding job presenting a lot of information very cleanly. A terrific look.
— Craig J.
I’m thrilled you did this guide. Our foursome went to Ireland four years ago and had a great time. We used a tour operator and drove around the island ourselves. I was prepared to do the same, even after ordering your guide. What I found, after reading your guide, was that I was interested in planning the trip myself. I’m doing that just now. Your guide makes it very easy. It’s fun to set up the plan myself, and now I have a much better feel for locations of all the places we will be going. I think this is a great service.
— Steve J.
What I found especially helpful was all around information. Liked the ability to link to course web sites. I have used your guide a lot. It is very helpful.
— Edward S.
Planning the golfing portion of our trip to Scotland and Ireland would have been an order of magnitude more difficult had it not been for purchasing your guides. Quite literally, they were indispensable for determining what courses to play and in what order. The information was insightful and current; you know UK & Irish golf. Thank you for making our Scottish & Irish golfing trip a success.
— Ken L.
What a great asset the Ireland Golf Adventure Guide was for planning a trip to South West Ireland! Since this was our first golfing trip,and I did not want to use a tour operator, this was perfect. I did not want to call all of the courses myself so I did use SWING, a firm that just books tee times for a nominal sum and they were super to work with. I got the name from the guide. Rob Babcock was very helpful to me when I had questions too. For anyone planning a golf trip to Ireland or Scotland, $19.95 is a pittance to spend for all the help you can glean from the guide.
— Warren A.
I find your publication to be first class, anticipating the general questions and directing the reader toward the things that are important. Things that will make their trip an enjoyable experience rather than the frustrating adventure that some of these trips can be. The cost of the guide will be repaid 100-fold just in the comfort that your readers will gain in peace of mind as they embark on their travels.
— Jim M.
We just returned from 12 days in Scotland and used your guide to plan the golfing part of the trip. It was a fabulous help in selecting a variety of courses in the locations we visited. We loved Royal Dornoch and wished we had more time to visit the town. We did take a fore caddie and he was a tremendous help in giving us the correct distances and reading the greens. We also loved “The Glen” (East North Berwick).
— Karen W.
The golf guide was perfect and allowed me to book my own trip without the usage of a golf travel firm.
— Frank F.
I’ve just returned from my trip. Your guide was very valuable!
— Mark H.
My friends and I return to Ireland year after year on holiday. Each trip we rent a car and explore new golf courses, accommodations, and the Irish countryside. We recently started using the Ireland Golf Adventure Guide and the trips planned using the guide have been an absolute pleasure.
— Tim O.
Looking to plan a golf trip to the Emerald Isle and need a helping hand? Log on to www.golfadventureguides.com and check out the Ireland Golf Adventure Guide. Simply download this practical guide to your computer and [use it online or] print it out. You'll have a 40-page, full-color insider’s guide that includes all the essentials on courses and lodging, and most importantly, and extensive [driving time] map of Ireland. Also included are tips on yards-to-meters conversion, currency exchange and even Irish lingo. Surely the luck of the Irish will follow.
— Links: The Best of Golf, April 2003
I’ve purchased and downloaded your Irish Golf Adventure Guide, and am delighted! Please send me info on other guides you publish.
— Gabe K.
I have been an avid golfer all of my life and have had the opportunity to play all over Ireland. I have planned the trips myself and paid the price in lost time and missed rounds. This guide would be a great tool for anyone planning a trip for the first time or for a veteran finding new courses and accommodations. I’ll definitely use it on my next trip.
— David W.
I want to congratulate you on your guide; it really is an impressive piece.
— Marc D.
What a great resource! We plan to go in 2004 and this provides a lot of great information.
— Gene G.
Great graphics, excellent collection of information, this guide is very classy. You have assembled all of the info you would ever need for the golf trip in one place, this makes it a great resource for the would be golfer of Ireland.
— Steven A.
Thank you so much for your practical, no nonsense guide to planning a golf trip to Ireland. I just put together our itinerary and was amazed how everything I needed was all in one place.
— Scott J.